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Advanced Weapons


This page presents you my Quake modification (conversion) for more interesting deathmatch playing with changed and increased weapons features and power. I hope is may improve game balance:

 Axe - doubled power.

 Boomstick - increased power 1.5 times. Added flying shells.

 Knifegun - double barreled shotgun shots with knife-boomerang. High damage by slow speed.

 Devastator - nailgun shots with hot nails.

 Autoshoter - chaingun shots pellets! Very cool stuff :)

 Nuclear weapon - grenade launcher powered with very high explosive grenades, after blast makes 5 ordinary grenades (as a mirve grenade in Team Fortress), but eats lot of ammo and shots slowly.

 Rocket launcher shots 5 times per second. Do not make "He is boring with live..."! :)

 Thunderbolt - increased attack range.

 Maximal life - 250%.

 Initial armor - 100% green defense.

To prevent some bugs play deathmatch only and change maps by command changelevel mapname, not with levels gates.

To install Advanced Weapons you must make directory advanc in Quake directory and copy there Advanced Weapons files. Or unzip Advanced Weapons to Quake directory directly (folder advanc must be created automatically). After installation execute quake by typing quake.exe -game advanc.


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